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Engineering was a natural career path for me, more specifically I identified in the Civil/Survey discipline as my choice. I always had a love for math, compasses, and how things simply went together. Perhaps growing up with a carpenter as a Dad and mentor pushed me a bit to discover the wonders of construction. Fortunately, as a child my upbringing afforded the opportunity to learn first hand ‘how to build’.

Fast forward a decade or two, I bring with me to the real estate industry, a solid Civil Engineering Technologist (CET) background in Bridge & Highwahigway construction, Project management, and of course the solid family carpentry skills I grew up with. Combining an in depth understanding of building construction allows you to put your faith and trust in me as your advocate in real estate.

Honestly, you’ll have to determine if the house functions well for you. Your family dynamics, needs & wants is something I just won’t get a true sense of in the short time we’ll be together…BUT I can definitely help assure you it is also a “good” home with integrity.

I won’t help you alone however! I have a breadth of professionals I can rely on to facilitate in whatever the issues or hurdles may be to complete your transaction, from trades; engineers; finance; legal; and of course you’re welcomed to provide and source your own trusted resources. With my Maritime roots and nearly two decades of selling real estate on the East Coast, I maintain my unique ability to advocate for you in either Nova Scotia or Toronto. This will benefit those looking at retiring East, or investing where prices are substantially lower than the Toronto market. “For more than just a sign on your front lawn…Call Todd Smith”

It’s worth mentioning in today’s environment with so many people making a move East…or anywhere in general from the larger centres to more rural cities, towns and villages, you have a unique advocate in me with my three provincial licenses.

How does this benefit you?

One call, one advocate! Serving ON, NB, and NS. If you relocate from one to one of the others, I can be your advocate in each, or within the one province, whatever your situation may be. No need to be contracted to multiple agents when you can tell your story just once to me. I’ll hand pick a colleague in areas you are interested in to facilitate the virtual showings or in person viewings. Don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you and will answer whatever questions you have on properties, communities and the area’s markets to help you make the best and most informed decision.

Realizing I cannot do this alone by being in several places at once to service your needs, I’ve been able to recruit many colleagues from these provinces to help me help you with similar mindset, work ethic and reliability as I pride myself in having which you will come to rely on. This works well when you have limited time and I can arrange back-to-back-to-back showings without the travel delays, which can be so important in this face-paced market in all provinces.
This…can be your “Unfair Advantage”

A Dad at heart

Soon to arrive is my activities category on my blog which will contain original content, puzzles and word/math games designed to keep your wee ones occupied while you’re out house hunting.  These posts will be dedicated to entertaining your children with an educational, yet fun source of learning.

The reason for the Activity section on my site stems from early in my career when on my days and weekends with my three children, they accompanied me on many interviews, showings, and other client meetings. Mindya, this was never on full blown listing appointments that took hours. Twenty years ago times, and real estate for that matter were a lot different than today’s instant access to information and fast paced behind the screen environment. Much of my client relations were formed and remain to this day by in person meetings. I couldn’t afford not to, and as a young father I wasn’t going to let a trip like that cut into my time with my children, or theirs with their Dad. Our time was too precious, but I still had to work at developing my real estate career.

On those trips, and I am so very thankful my children loved to read and they found enjoyment in such activities as the puzzles and games we brought along. Thus my dedication to making an effort to give your children some learning material so they too can enjoy the time of house hunting with you. More will follow! 

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