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In my opinion, the only renovations a home owner should undertake are items that do not require great skill…but learning that missing skill can be fun.  Seriously though, I would stay away from areas that required specialized trades and superior skill like upgrading your electrical panel, structural issues requiring engineering, and sanding your hardwood floors.

Sump pumps are an item you don’t want to cheap out on. Relying on a $75 hardware store special to protect in essence, the health of your home is not a good idea.  Hardware stores do offer a good selection of quality pumps, but please consider the experts who may have access to superior products and installation practices.  This is an area I have a lot of experience with.

This is part of your fine finishings that if done poorly will catch your eye in a negative way every time you look in that direction. If you’re selling your home and doing renos perspective buyers may feel if your finishi work is this poorly, what other items are you hiding..

I enjoy doing both!


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