Water pooling at the base of foundation wall with the word nasty
Basement Waterproofing


Stack Effect

IMHO...if you're buying a home in need of renovations and upgrades, my first dollars would be spent in the health of your home, not the aesthetics.  Why?  50% of the air you breathe has circulated from the lower quarters whether it's a fully developed basement, or mold infested crawl space.  That is called "The Stack Effect".  Here's a photo to help visualize what I mean.

Now imagine your loved ones from an infant to your pet breathing in air that has basically been in contact with possible VOC’s from below.  Waterproofing by controlling the water/moisture in areas below grade are an important element to the overall health of your home and family.  Invest your renovation dollar wisely!  Those light fixtures you have your heart set on could be out of style in five years. Here’s video to yet further let how air flow in your home can have an adverse affect on your health…. STACK EFFECT


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